Thousands of young people attend football matches at all levels every weekend, while even more play the game in organised teams or just for fun. Kickaround emphasises that participation is a far more enriching experience than passive consumption, and recognises that football exists beyond a few big name star players and clubs, giving equal standing, respect and coverage to the women’s game and the lower leagues.

Football has the power to capture the imagination, engaging and inspiring even the most hard-to-reach of young people. Kickaround uses football as a pathway into English, maths, science, history, geography, the arts and much more – from explaining the science of pre-match meals to encouraging creative writing using match reports. Tales of the rich and varied history of football both contextualise and strengthen young people’s understanding of the game. Schools receive a discount when they order multiple copies

Kickaround never talks down to its readers or attempts to sugar-coat or shirk big issues affecting the wider world of football, such as the ethics of diving and whether there is too much money in the game. The details are laid out in an accessible way, challenging readers to think critically, consider a range of perspectives and develop their own judgement, while never compromising the values that have made When Saturday Comes one of the game’s most respected institutions.

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"I like my daughter reading Kickaround because the articles are well-written, fun and educational as well as providing good role models for young female players. And it's not full of ads or covered in plastic tat!” Lauren, mother

"My kids love this. They read loads of comics and football magazines but this is their favourite by far." Adam, father

"I love reading Kickaround because it has loads of great football facts and information about my football heroes. I especially like the comic stories and cool posters.” Orla, 10