We are inviting you to pledge a Kickaround subscription to a school of your choice, to be used in the library or the classroom, by teachers or by the children themselves. From just £18 you will be providing brilliant reading material that could benefit hundreds of children.

With school budgets tighter than ever, teachers are struggling for support and school libraries are closing. They are vital to good literacy skills but are being hampered by circumstances beyond their control.

We want to give as many children as we can exposure to great writing, debate and insight. By combining a passion for football with reading good-quality, varied writing, we believe we will help inspire the next generation of sports scientists, football correspondents, presenters and, maybe, potential World Cup winners!

Visit our online shop to sign up, or drop us line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

"I like my daughter reading Kickaround because the articles are well-written, fun and educational as well as providing good role models for young female players. And it's not full of ads or covered in plastic tat!” Lauren, mother

"My kids love this. They read loads of comics and football magazines but this is their favourite by far." Adam, father

"I love reading Kickaround because it has loads of great football facts and information about my football heroes. I especially like the comic stories and cool posters.” Orla, 10